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Herbicides and Pesticides

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Nematodes Ted Baker Outlet
There are three important nematodes species that affects potatoes. These species are: Meloidogyne spp, Pratylenchus spp and Radopholus simils. Control is by fumigation where possible. Rotation with grass species that is resistant to nematodes eg Katambora, Rhodes, Sabi and Panucum is a recommended control method.

Potato tuber moth Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Australia
The tuber moth larvae make tunnels in plant tissue, there by cutting off nutrients flow and causing the plant to wilt and dry off. Control is by cultural methods which includes ridging the plants up to 250 mm. chemical methods involves Azodrin 40, at 15 ml/ 10 litres of water, when symptoms apper. Or navacron 40 at 50 ml per 10 litres of water.

Aphids Burberry Scarf Sale
Aphids are small greenish sucking pests which causes symptoms of wilting and curling of leaves. Control is by spraying Azodrin 40 at 15 ml/10 litres of water. Other chemicals such as Thionex, and Malathion may also be used.

Cutworms (Agrotis spp) Cheap juicy couture tracksuit uk
The pest is very serious at the beginning of the emergence of young stems. The larvae chew the plant at surface level, and they appear as plump darkish greasy grey caterpillars that normally feed at night. burberry trench coat sale Chemical control is by use of Karate, Carbaryl 85%, Thiodan 50 WP.

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Late Blight (Phytophtora infestans) NBA Store France
Occurs when the relative humidity is more than 70 % and temperature is around 22-25 degrees. The disease spreads very quickly during the wet season. The symptoms include brown patches at the end of leaves with white mycelium on under side and brown spots on stems. Control is by spraying with Dithane M45 and Ridomil MZ 72 combined. Two sprays of Dithane alternated with two sprays of Ridomil MZ 72 at 50g / 10 litres of water is recommended.

Early Blight Soldes Salomon
The disease slow spreading at temperature around 25 0C. Bottom leaves show dark brown to black spots with typical concentric rings. Control is by using the same chemicals that are used in controlling late blight.

Common Scab (Streptomyces scabies) Goedkope Nike Air Max Schoenen Online
Signs and symptoms appear as rough circular black scabby lesions which can enlarge and cover considerable part of the tuber. It is associated with soils that have high degree of aeration caused by Burberry Cashmere Scarf Sale underploughing of high undecomposed organic matter and high temperatures. No chemical control is available. Avoid liming the field during the period when the crop is to be grown. Goedkope uggs schoenen

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